3D Boxing & Fitness

The perfect total body workout created by boxing’s only Mother and Son duo Saphya & Denis Douglin.

If you feel that you can’t play boxing, you haven’t been to 3D Boxing and Fitness!

Here at 3D we understand the importance of enjoying what you do and we prioritize having fun, while focusing on the craft and technique of the “Sweet Science”.

Personal Training

Learn the unique style of Denis “Mommas Boy” Douglin, taught to him by his mother Saphya and make it your own! Work one on one with the pros to become a smarter and stronger boxer and overall athlete.

Styles Make Fights!

Group Classes

Join our amazing group fitness classes and find out just how great you are! No matter what your level of fitness, we create an inviting and motivating environment for all. Our lively and energetic fitness programs will get you the results you’re looking for when you commit. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build strength, endurance, or learn the basics of boxing, our classes can help you achieve it all.

Kids Training

Kids ages 8-15 are encouraged and welcome to join in on the fun too. It’s never too early to develop healthy habits and discipline through the sport of boxing! Take a break from video games and other devices that one immobile to exercise the body and mind. Your child will not only become more physically fit, but we will build their confidence as they grow and improve with every session.

Monthly Challenges

No Meat In July

When we think of July, we think of Independence Day and summer BBQs. A time to get together with family and friends, celebrate good times and indulge in our favorite grilled foods. As great as this sounds, it can really interfere with our health and fitness goals. That’s why 3D Boxing is challenging all of our athletes and anyone else out there who’d like to put their wellness dedication to the test, by taking meat out of their diet for the month of July. This challenge will help with weight management, lower your cholesterol, improve digestion, and increase energy. Combined with our boxing classes and nutrition tips from our trainers, you’ll feel and look your best when the challenge is complete!

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