Why 3D Boxing & Fitness?

Coach Denis Douglin started boxing at a young age after getting into a fight with a peer. Realizing he could use some training, he soon joined a boxing gym. There he learned the discipline and “sweet science” of boxing, and he made a choice to dedicate his life to the craft. In addition to his pro-boxing career (where he currently holds a record of 23-8), Denis has created 3D Boxing & Fitness Gym, also known as the “3D Boxing & Fitness Temple.” His mission with 3D Boxing is to help people become healthier, fit and have fun while doing so through the discipline of boxing. It all starts with positive energy and motivation each time you show up. Denis and his mother Saphya “Coach Momz” Douglin have created an atmosphere where the average person can train like a Champion, not matter what their skill level, to achieve whatever goal they’ve set for themselves in the gym.