Train with the best Mother & Son duo in Boxing!

Personal Training

Train like a world class fighter!This class is a great option for anyone who wants to learn the sweet science of boxing, or if you just prefer a one-on-one training experience. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, let us take you to the next level.

12 Sessions (3X Per Week)$660
8 Sessions (2X Per Week)$480
4 Sessions (1X Per Week) $260
Single Session $70

Monthly Personal Training Pricing

Group Classes (6 athletes per class)

Teamwork makes the dream work! If you enjoy working in groups with other individuals that have similar goals, then our group fitness classes are for you. We’ll not only have fun “playing boxing” but we’ll reach our fitness goals together.

Please Call Ahead For Availability.

World Champ! (Unlimited) $260
Contender! (3X Per Week)$200
Journey Man! (1X Per Week)$160
Amateur! (Single Session) $50

Monthly Group Class Pricing

With every personal training and group fitness session, I can feel my body getting stronger and my boxing skills getting sharper. At 3D I’m building a great boxing foundation by working on fundamentals, combined with calisthenics and weight training.

— Tee Shaw